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That’s not what I’m on Youtube for, it’s to play games.

This doesn’t mean we hate each other - far from it.

Since this point, more content creators have joined this group, forming "The Yogscast Family".

The Yogscast was officially incorporated into a registered company on by Lewis Brindley.

This new series led to a boom in the number of the group's You Tube subscribers, though its sporadic release schedule was halted in the summer of 2012, following the release of episode 42. The Yogscast have been able to produce and take part in larger scale projects, including live action video series.

The most common of these are the group's coverage of various gaming conventions, as well as RPG sessions and studio-promoted "challenge" videos.

Hannah Rutherford (colloquially Lomadia), Duncan Jones (Lalna or Livid Coffee), Paul Sykes (Sjin) and Chris Lovasz (Sips) thus made channels alongside "Blue Xephos" to create a "Yogscast network".where they showcased some of the work of the Minecraft community.Following the event, the group came under fire from Minecraft creator Markus Persson, who stated that he would no longer work with the group, citing use of profanity and unprofessional behaviour.To date, however, The Yogscast have not published further coverage of subsequent Mine Cons, nor have they ever worked professionally with Persson.

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That same year, the group started a Kickstarter campaign to develop a video game called "Yogventures! The goal of 0,000 was quickly reached, with a full total of 7,000 eventually being raised by 13,647 donators. Backers were compensated with a copy of the game "TUG" by Nerd Kingdom, who also took hold of all developmental "Yogventures! The Yogscast's World of Warcraft videos were the first videos released by the Yogscast and largely took the form of parodic how to's.We’re still good friends, which you can see by the fact we recorded the Civ game and Avengers map together - and he sits in on my livestreams.