What episode do joey and rachel start dating

11-Jun-2018 13:15

The group (including Ross's new girlfriend, Bonnie) takes a trip to the beach, where Phoebe finds out that Phoebe Abbott is actually her birth mother. and his wife, Alice, tell Phoebe that they are trying for a baby without success in "The One With Phoebe's Uterus".Frank Jr., asks Phoebe if she will consider being the surrogate for his and Alice's baby, to which Phoebe eventually agrees.She misunderstands when one of Monica's assistants introduces himself as a sous-chef, and she does not appear to understand Rachel's Italian boyfriend, Paolo (but neither can any of the other five friends).Phoebe occasionally resorted to mugging to survive. (This was when these future friends were still strangers).

Phoebe Abbott wasn't ready to be a mother, so Lily and Frank adopted both twins and raised them together.

When she tells the story of the time she stabbed a cop, their obviously surprised looks cause her to retort, "What? " Phoebe has picked up an impressive talent for boxing at a YMCA, where, according to her, the guys, "weren't being Christian enough." ("The One With The Race Car Bed") Phoebe met and moved in with Monica, which began their friendship.