Were justin timberlake and cameron diaz dating during bad teacher

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And growing up with that show it was just an institution. I mean it was really bad parenting because I was too young to be watching some of the jokes that were on Cameron, you said you character gets some tough advice and it's not necessarily what most people would approve of. To find the killer, Luther must travel through dangerous alleyways and back streets of the city, using murders to mark out his territory and working up to one final masterpiece.

Would you rather see adults give kids more realistic advice of is it better to protect them and say, 'Yes, you can,' when you know you really can't. Three of the greatest movies of all time have been brought together in the brilliant Blu-ray trilogy package.

celebrates the genius of the most beloved team of all time in this stunning 10-disc set.

She knows that to get what you want you have to have a goal. I love it, yeah, so, no, it was really fun to be able to sort of go to work every day and have a gang, a team of people all on the same wagon going towards complete and utter distaste. And I just thought that was the most amazing, like I laughed so hard when he told that story. But also we felt collectively, the both of us, that we had a responsibility. So maybe it's just at this moment is the time for women to come." DIAZ: "Okay, sorry. I think that people are willing to sort of laugh at those things altogether now.

Forty years after its initial release, the Ken Russell-directed bio-pic about the life of iconic classical composer Peter Tchaikovsky is still as incredible, lavish and brilliant as the day it hit theaters in 1971.

Starring Richard Chamberlain as the allegedly gay Tchaikovsky and Glenda Jackson as his wife of a disastrous marriage, the film is considered a classic by many filmmakers.

In an exclusive chat with the one-time lovebirds earlier this summer, Cam talks about her character -- a foul-mouthed, ruthless, pot-smoking teacher -- they each discuss the dry humping and the car-washing scene in the film, they recall their own favorite teachers and Justin explains what it's like to be on DIAZ: "Completely. So that's my opinion about teachers." DIAZ: "So many of them. TIMBERLAKE: The shot of the black and white hitting the car, that- Jake just- there was a police car that came by and Jake just literally saw what was about to happen and had the DP pan the camera over and we just caught some reality. It is part of the humor and chemistry between me and my father, who- I come from a divorced family and didn't get to spend a lot of time with my father when I was young. Still haunted by his wife's brutal murder, after working on several cold cases, Luther makes the decision to return to the police department and become a part of the newly created Serious and Serial unit, a special crime-solving division set up to crack some of London's most brutal murders.

Because obviously if I thought that I could get somewhere with having bigger boobies I would have done it by now. The one thing that Elizabeth (Cameron's character) doesn't do -- one like she doesn't cross is take on a seventh grader. So, prefect." , which is probably annoying to them on some level. And it's something that we share that is really special to me. The head of the new unit is former police complaints officer Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowley), and in many ways it offers Luther a way to begin a new start. After bringing together several of his old team mates, they embark on their first grisly murder case -- a masked man who hides throughout the streets of London with the intention of performing ritualistic murders in many of the cities' historic locations like Smithfield and Petticoat Lane. But the thing about it is if we really believed this was the right thing to do we wouldn't be making fun of it, right? So it was really fun to make fun of it because clearly, especially living in this town, we all know what it's like to sort of come up against people who have their priorities a little screwed up and focus on the wrong things." DIAZ: "I do. To help him get back up the next four or five steps.