Updating windows explorer

15-Aug-2018 09:53

Since you are a photo guy, I am wondering if you transferred large amounts of data to your new pc using Windows Explorer. Yes, my system is Windows 10 64-bit but only has a 1TB hard drive so I'm never actually moving huge amounts of files, but that got me thinking...a couple of weeks ago I tried doing a full backup to an external drive but it failed because there apparently wasn't sufficient space on the other drive.

I knew it would be tight but thought there'd be enough...guess I was wrong.

Compatibility considerations Upgrading to the most recent version of Internet Explorer isn’t completely catch-free, unfortunately.

Some web sites and online services are designed to work only with specific versions of Microsoft’s web browser.

I find it amazing that Microsoft, with all their infinite piles of cash, can't even solve this bug on their very own system!

Starting from January 12, 2016, Microsoft will be dropping support for all versions of Internet Explorer other than the recent version for its still-supported operating systems.

In practical terms, for Microsoft’s consumer operating systems, that means: So if you’re using one of those operating systems and an older version of Internet Explorer, it won’t be long before it stops getting security updates and bug fixes from Microsoft.

If you’re still using a version of Windows that’s older than the ones listed above, then you’re already living on borrowed time — Microsoft ended support for Windows XP in April 2014, for example.

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This is a problem that occurs in multiple Windows versions.

In short, updating Internet Explorer will make web browsing more enjoyable.

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