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01-Aug-2018 21:26

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However, the annual renewal can confuse less technical users, so if you're installing the software for a family member who can't handle their own technical problems, this potential issue is worth bearing in mind.Avast also takes this opportunity try to encourage users to switch to its paid-for version – something you'll see time and again, since its client is peppered with Upgrade Now prompts.The free version is a perfectly effective anti-virus tool, however, and proved to be one of the most capable free anti-virus suites in AV-TEST's latest results.It performed with consistent 99.9% accuracy in scans against reference sets of malware and, in live exposure tests, 100% accuracy in March and 98.8% accuracy in April.Anti-virus programs like Bitdefender and Windows Defender (really any good, decent anti-virus program) updates practically every day.Also, go to Bitdefender's site (there should be a link directly from your Bitdefender program) and ask customer service if it could be a driver issue or a confliction with Windows Defender or Windows Update (it happens occasionally, which is why Microsoft suggests temporarily turning off third-party anti-virus software before large updates).

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This doesn’t cost you a penny and can easily be done from inside the Avast client.I visited their website, but I couldn't ascertain this point, and it's a must-have in the world we live in.Haha yes it has real-time protection and conducts scans every hour or so to see if you let anything through, and deep scans once a week.It's predominantly bug fixes and general improvements (nothing visual) and also brought some fixes to Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

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I suggest opening Bitdefender (I'm not sure what version you have) and checking your Logs to make sure Bitdefender has been updated to the latest virus signatures.

Avast's current interface is brighter and more streamlined than previous incarnations.