Say goodbye to dating book

17-Oct-2018 19:03

Well at least in my opinion, it's by far my favourite. It was the first time a book truly shocked me with the way it all turned out. Every once in a while I read a book that affects me a little deeper, digs in a bit more, disturbs or touches me just a little differently than those I read the rest of the time. Those aren't the right words for something so deeply disturbing, or hauntingly chilling. The transitions were extremely effective and there were several long, hard looks at the descent into despicable evil.

So the phone call at 3am was not a welcome intrusion.Then Kimberly saw that Delilah was also pregnant; the unbelievable suddenly became just a little more believable.A nine year old boy, lying in his bed in the dark of night, thinking about the scary tales his big brother had told him about the Burgerman – be naughty and the Burgerman will come to get you – the Burgerman grinds naughty boys into burgers and sells the meat to grocery stores…With GBI Special Agent Salvadore Martignetti (Sal) heading the investigation, Kimberly found herself being drawn deeper and deeper into the unknown.When her father, ex FBI profiler Pierce Quincy and his wife, Rainie Connor decided to visit and also became involved in the investigation, Kimberly was grateful; her father had been her rock after the shocking deaths of her mother and sister by a serial killer; with him by her side she felt secure.

But the danger was getting closer – the clock was ticking, the adrenalin was pumping. In the author’s own words in the Acknowledgements at the end of the book “Of all the novels I’ve written, this book is by far the most violent, and yes it was difficult to write…” (first published in 2008) So I will conclude by saying that this chilling book is NOT for the faint at heart, but it is a brilliant, twisted, spellbinding and totally gripping thriller, one I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending.Against Mac’s wishes though, she headed into the station and thus, into the biggest nightmare of her life….