Rashida jones dating john krasinski Skype adult phone chat uk

22-Oct-2018 19:27

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AVC: This project seemed like it was shrouded in mystery forever. But those guys are really smart and really funny, and they’ve done such a great job with The Office.

How long was it before you found out exactly what it was all about? I was on hold for this for six months, and I didn’t know much about it. If you’re gonna trust anything to anybody, I would say I’m happy to trust my career with them. [Laughs.] AVC: And now it’s on record, for whenever this show tanks your career. AVC: How is your character Ann different from The Office’s Karen?

I wonder which of those guys will be playing hideous because aren’t they all not?

Rashida Jones didn’t really have to do anything with her life: The daughter of mega-producer Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton, she was born into Hollywood royalty, and easily could have become just another club-hopping socialite.

There’s no sense that I think I’m smarter than her. AVC: Even though her ambitions seem self-serving—such as her desire to be the first female president—you’re legitimately friends, not just because you both need something from each other?

RJ: We both have an agenda to fill, but her wanting to be the first female president is very far from where she actually is in her life, so that level of hope is appealing to me. There’s a connection there that isn’t about our agendas.

AVC: How does Ann relate to Aziz Ansari’s character? [Laughs.] He really comes to her with the heat, all the time.

He likes the ladies, but he’s probably the worst person in the world at doing anything to flatter them, or pick them up, or flirt with them.

A memorable cast it set: Bobby Cannavale, Dominic Cooper, Christopher Meloni, Max Minghella, and Lou Taylor Pucci.

After they did that a couple of times, I thought they were done as Rashida and John both got into a large van.

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