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You probably don’t think about photography details too much when you’re choosing your profile pictures, but getting the photography wrong can really hinder your success… Here are three factors you should consider: The type and brand of your camera has a huge affect on how good you look in your photos: If you’re wondering how Ok Cupid were able to make these findings, it’s because most cameras these days add EXIF data to digital photo files.

EXIF data includes a lot of detail about the photo taken, such as; date, time, camera type, camera and lens settings like shutter speed.

you’re much better off taking a photo with an animal.

Interestingly though, the attraction of a six-pack wears off as guys get older: If you’re 19, showing your abs will get you loads of attention.

The testers re-ran the experiment and excluded all cleavage shots, and the results were still the same. Although the miraculous My Space angle attracts the most messages, it is actually one of the worst photo’s for attracting worthwhile messages… The ab-shot is mostly considered to be used by douchebags – it has the same lame reputation as the My Space shot.

Quick summary: And if you don’t have something interesting to show then include a pet in your picture: Having a pet in your picture will attract almost the same amount of conversation-worthy messages as “doing something interesting”.

The Ok Cupid experiments show that whether you show your face doesn’t really affect your messages at all: Ok Cupid says that all of the users above receive significantly more messages than average, even though the rest of their profiles are ordinary. Smiling, showing your abs/cleavage, doing something interesting and using My Space angles all affect your success with online dating and Tinder.

But there’s another major factor that you need to consider – photography.

It’s not going to make much of a difference – because it’s your photos that matter most.

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Height is a popular piece of information that’s often used in Tinder bios of both girls and guys.As you can see women tend to get less new messages as they get older (both lines trending down).