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Especially to you.'And he admits that it took years for him to come to terms with his sexuality, labeling himself bisexual before telling his parents he was gay. NPH writes: 'As a joke at the end of one take, Burt leans over and kisses you square on the mouth.

His mother, he says, was accepting, while his dad Ronald took a while to come to terms with news. The crew thinks this is very funny, but it makes you uncomfortable.

I`ve had a lifetime of Subway sandwiches and In-N-Out burgers and now it`s all paninis and Kobe beef."Neil - who has been in a relationship with David for seven years - recently revealed how he and his partner decided to marry, though they have not yet been able to tie the knot. David proposed to me five and a half years ago in New York on the same street corner where we met.

The following year on Valentine`s Day in Santa Monica, one of my gifts was a ring and I proposed to him".

Why was Christopher Reeve considered for the role of Superman, given that he was born on Earth and didn't have the ability to fly?

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Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burkta posted pictures of the tots as NPH wrote: 'I can't believe that you used to be tiny baby things.

And now, this' Family: Neil Patrick Harris met David Burkta in 2003 upon a chance meeting on the street in New York.

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Burt Reynolds' kiss makes you gay.'You've come a long way from the anonymous skulker trolling the AOL chat rooms... You know that you are; you like that you are; you’re proud that you are. And now you are totally gay and totally in love, and it’s wonderful’.

While they did have a relationship that lasted several months, it did not end up the way he wanted and that was when he realized that he was gay.

This is just a rumor that came out in the early 2000’s though nothing was ever confirmed one way or the other. They started out taking their relationship slow to ensure that it would last. They had one egg injected with Neil Patrick Harris’s sperm and the other with David Burtka’s sperm.

He talked about how he had wondered for many years if he was gay or not.

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He said that Taylor was an amazing woman and he knew if he couldn’t get the sparks to fly with her then he was definitely gay.Coming out as homosexual, bisexual, transgender, etc., is a lengthy process for most people.

A source close to the couple revealed on Monday that the longtime loves just wanted two different things at this point in their relationship, saying to Well, all's well that ends well, we suppose!… continue reading »

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The Non-Expert writes to Carrie: When it comes to the attractiveness of British men, American women are simply incapable of rendering a proper judgment.… continue reading »

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