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They heard it bark and then it was gone." Blue Coat Inn, Dover, Delaware. It was originally built to protect the ports of Wilmington and Philadelphia. It is rumored that atleast three rooms in this Inn are haunted by spirits. For info, call 302-739-3277 *Website The Dickinson Mansion is one of Delawares superb old plantation houses and is operated by Delaware State Museums.

800 N State St Dover, DE, (302) 674-1776 The owners of the Blue Coat Inn believe that the two spirits who haunt their establishment are the spirits of Revolutionary War Drummer Boy and his commander, Colonel John Haslett. The State of Delaware acquired the Fort from the Federal Government in 1947. Built in 1740 by Judge Samuel Dickinson, this brick mansion was the boyhood home of two distinguished sons of the judge, John and Philemon. (302) 322-6367 The third floor of this this historic landmark, which offers one and two bedroom suites including continental breakfast and afternoon tea, is purportedly haunted. 2 East 4th Street New Castle, DE 19720 (302) 322-2794 Among New Castle's few surviving colonial buildings is the elegant brick mansion, the Amstel House.

I've tried a 200 year old family graveyard in southern Delaware near Broadkill Beach.

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At one point in our reception, she went upstairs to hide the gift purse she was carrying that contained all the cards w/ money folks gave us.

The spirits of many soldiers still haunt this land. On many a late evening, if one is really quiet, you can hear whispering voices in the swamp land. After John passed away, it is said that he never left and still roams his home even today. A fine example of early American Georgian architecture, the Amstel House, built by Dr.

Apparitions have been seen by both workers and tourists. John Finney, reflects the style and refinement of the colonial city's early prosperity. Head straight into the trees and you'll see the bridge." 133 Franklin Ave, Dover. A visitor writes, "This old house is supposably two large mansions put together to make one house and was made into apartments in the 1960's.

Yes, Delaware is kinda backwards but I've lived here for 15 years and I'm pretty BAD_WORD sure no-one was hung for witchcraft here back in the 1900's. One time there was an abandoned prison in Claymont Delaware, named Woodshaven.

Salem Church road is a non-descript 2 lane highway that.. It was a home for 'Wayward Girls' in the 1800's and later became a women's prison. I was a security guard there in the mid 90's, basically for insurance reasons, and I heard whistles and footsteps from time to time.Many people supposedly hear voices at that place, but I've had no luck there.