Eritrean internet dating sites

29-Jul-2018 12:18

It only takes some 13 hours to get to Asmara from the Helsinki Airport in Finland.Yet, Finland and Eritrea are located on the same time zone.The challenge here, just like in so many other countries, is that the teaching profession is not nearly as prestigious and respected as it is, for example, in Finland.It is amazing how committed and motivated our local colleagues — teachers and other education professionals — are despite this.Even though conditions here in Eritrea are quite different from those in Finland, the joy of learning is universal.Later on, we are going to visit local primary schools and see the practical results of the teacher training programme.

The first days have been busy with getting to know the new surroundings and meeting new people.Tools found in the Barka Valley from 8000 BC are the first evidence of human settlement here.

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