Drupal aggregator not updating Sexy chat without paying

16-Aug-2018 22:55

The initial release plans to provide a module to create standard nodes based on feed items, in addition to a module which will create the standard/current aggregator feed items for users who don't like nodes being created.Planned features include per-feed processors so some RSS feeds can be turned in to nodes, and others in to traditional Drupal aggregator items, mapping of RSS items to CCK nodes.That's why i tried to "imitate" whole process of creating node by user.Another great thing to have in Drupal would be better separation of data and representation of data.leech_news uses the node_template module to turn news items into nodes.In agg2 feed node's data is used to create item's data (ie.

Description / Purpose: This package provides a drop in replacement for the aggregator.module but provides an API to extend the feed parsing capabilities of Drupal.

Current status: Boris Mann: I've spoken with Dries and he's willing to look at improvements to core aggregator...someone needs to spend dedicated time evolving it (if the goal is to have functionality in core).

Just like I mentioned in our review of the site, their service hasn’t really changed all that much during this time.… continue reading »

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