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Pr EP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis)Talk to your doctor about prevention strategies such as Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (Pr EP).Pr EP is a recently scientifically proven prevention approach where an HIV-negative, sexually active individual takes antiretroviral medicine regularly to reduce the risk of infection.If it turns out that your partner is also diagnosed HIV positive this outcome will naturally bring up a range of emotions that you will both have to deal with in addition to the health implications.In cases such as this we advise the people involved to seek assistance from a trained HIV counselor so that the needs of everyone in the relationship can be addressed.1.Sometimes when we disclose our status to our partner we inadvertently become our partner’s HIV counselor and educator.This might be challenging if you yourself are in need of support.Monogamy & open relationships There may come a time when you need to discuss your relationship boundaries in relation to sex with your partner.

What is common among all relationships is that they require effort and nurturing from everyone involved.

For some men, the HIV status of their partner is not an issue; for others it is a crucial factor.

But regardless of HIV, everyone has a right to fulfilling love life and an enjoyable sex life.

Some relationships are strictly monogamous, only allowing sex within the relationship, while others have opened their relationships to the possibility of sex with people outside the relationship.

There is a vast spectrum between monogamy and open relationships and many people’s relationships are somewhere in between.HIV status is one of many factors that affect the dynamics of our relationships.

and even if you are vanilla, we wont hold that against you!… continue reading »

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