Dating my boyfriend who is juanita bynum dating 2016

22-May-2018 13:05

ITS NOT AS IF I DO NOT WANT HIM TO CHOOSE BUT WHAT IF HE DOES NOT CHOOSE ME ? AM IN LOVE WITH HIM AND TIME DOES NOT WAIT FOR ANYONE BECAUSE AM IN MY MID TWENTIES. .[/b][/b]I don't even know where this lyf is heading to with these neccessary devils (MEN), my friend, just maintain your stand, don't tell him you are quitting, but don't give him your heart, do not take him serious, And i know these men would be the one to post on Nland that ladies are cheap n not faithful, they wouldn't know when they were not serious, i will advise you to have extra tyre, 'just incase' Cus i guess that is wot he is using you for, Pray that God should direct your destined man to u, n he will sure find u. i remember you wrote you will never "eat the banana". how can a man respect a woman who dont cherish/worship the banana?!

Just take things easy, I understand it ain't easy to cope in a situation like this, cus i am in such a mess rite now, 1luvwhat do you mean by "you're in your mid-twenties"? ^^^^ok, listen, i have found a way to make you happy.

But I want to tell you that if you limit yourself to aesthetic dimensions, you are going to miss out.take your time to find someone who loves you wellyou know sometimes its not so nice to jump into conclusions. this goes for peeps who thinks b'cos their guys appreciate others,it means a back to the question,me thinks you should quit and even had guts to sy he wants to choosedesperation has some people do some CRAZZZZYYYYY SHHHHHIIIIIIIT! of course i do, but the balance isnt in your favor.

so you would have what you want but legally we wouldnt be married. MRbrown JAY:^^^^ok, listen, i have found a way to make you happy. People always complain that there is no one to date.