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These numbers pretty much put the nail in the coffin for the “Only return pages that are strictly correct” argument, because there wouldn’t be that many pages to work with.:) That said, if you can design and write your HTML code so that it’s well-formed and validates, it’s always a good habit to do so.In April a web designer who came across our site gave me the following feedback "I don't know how you can advertise your skills in SEO when such a vital part of a good quality site is valid markup. All he can do is lash out like a confused injured animal..though he knew SEO and both I and Google were wrong. If you are a web designer (and/or want links from pretentious web designers) then validation is a great idea..is core to the group circle-jerk amongst web designers.

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Sure that was 2004 & that web design company was not as well known as it is today.

Eventually it might make sense to get a strong design, but if budget is limited then there are a ton of affordable starter options to bypass the costs of custom web design work.

The logo at the top of this page cost about 5 years ago.

And the above guy was just 1 random guy, so who cares, right?

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Well what annoyed me enough to make me write this post was seeing a recent copy of Web Designer magazine that my wife bought.

Once you set up your free account you can comment on our blog, and you are eligible to receive our search engine success SEO newsletter. Sadly, because the end user (clients in my case) often knows little to nothing about SEO, they are easily impressed by fancy sounding phrases like "Keyword density" and "code-to-content ratio." Really appreciate you posting this, Aaron.