Core data not updating

20-Aug-2018 06:02

It only fetches the data the application asked for. The data is available, but Core Data hasn’t fetched it from the persistent store to save memory. Remove the last print statement and replace it with the following to better understand how faulting works. This means that Core Data needs to fire or resolve the fault.The third print statement shows us that data is no longer a fault. Core Data fetches the missing data from the persistent store to fill in the gaps.The persistent store coordinator handled the nitty-gritty details of inserting the list record into the persistent store.This tutorial focuses on reading and updating records.Working with relationships is very similar to working with attributes.There are a few differences you need to be aware of.With the exception of the first time you run the application, this is what you should see in Xcode’s console every time the application launches: The output displays the number of list records in the persistent store and it also shows the list record we either fetched or created.

To read or fetch records from a persistent store, we make use of the , we fetch every List record and only create a List record if none could be found in the persistent store.I commited and activated the changed hdbdd successfully, but when examining the catalog table object definition it had not changed (still refering to old field names).I dropped the table (in actual fact right clicked catalog entry and selected delete), and recommited/activated the hdbdd artefact. Unless I'm missing something the hdbdd specification does not seem to update existing catalog objects correctly.Thanks for any help, as I'd like to continue with CDS as I prefer the declarative and reusage capabilities.

The developer was back from vacation today and responded.The development guide documentation writer was copied and I would expect to see some mention of this in a future revision of the documentation.