Consolidating stiff concrete sample

07-Aug-2018 04:01

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Organic materials are unstable and unable to provide uniform support for concrete slabs.

A properly prepared subgrade contains no organic material and is crucial to constructing a quality concrete pavement or slab on grade.

When concrete is poured on a cold sub-grade set times also tend to be increased.

Extra care must be taken when placing colored concrete.

During and after the concrete's second winter, deicing chemicals containing sodium chloride (common salt) or calcium chloride may be used cautiously.

NEVER use deicers containing ammonium sulfate or ammonium nitrate, as they will chemically attack and rapidly disintegrate concrete.

The potential for concrete shrinkage, cracking, and dusting increases significantly when concrete is not cured correctly.

The American Concrete Institute and the American Concrete Pavement Association recommend a minimum of seven days following concrete placement before using a concrete driveway.

For more information see Crazing Concrete Surfaces.These admixtures improve the properties of concrete. Although often used interchangeably – even by some construction professionals – cement is not concrete, nor is concrete cement.CEMENT is one of the basic ingredients used to make CONCRETE.We recommend that you place your control joints no more than 2 times in feet the thickness in inches of the slab.

(4” slab 8’ joint spacing) These joints must be a minimum of ¼ the depth of the slab.

ALSO NOTE: common garden fertilizers often contain ammonium sulfate and/or ammonium nitrate, and can cause disintegration of your concrete.