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For 17 years and 26 seasons, reality pioneer Bunim-Murray has been rounding up cast members from its Road Rules and The Real World franchises and pitting them against each other for cash and prizes, often with the same faces returning again and again.Although the lack of cast churn makes The Challenge seem static, the show has evolved more dramatically than any reality competition on the dial.At that point, The Challenge’s internal continuity was in its infancy, but Williams’ radioactivity is an early example of how Real World and Road Rules mythology shaped The Challenge’s storytelling.Williams was later voted off, as Seasons introduced Survivor-style democratic eliminations to the show, which would later be replaced with sudden-death physical duels as elimination rounds.

MTV’s long-running reality competition The Challenge has earned a reputation for stasis due to the frequency with which the same cohort of Bunim-Murray Productions alumni participates.

Bunim-Murray occasionally has great luck casting Real World housemates with athletic prowess, but the company has repeatedly said it doesn’t consider The Challenge when casting a Real World season.

Road Rules is a magnet for the sporty, adventurous types that take especially well to The Challenge’s physical and mental endurance tests.

Fresh Meat (and 2010’s Fresh Meat II) gave The Challenge many of its most enduring characters, those who rose from unknowns to fan favorites as the show’s serialized storytelling took root.

The new additions included Evan Starkman, Kenny Santucci, Evelyn Smith, and Diem Brown, who would go on to make a combined 29 appearances in 15 seasons of the show.

Seasons incented its cast mates up front with a 0,000 cash pool.