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Obviously, he's more comfortable around something/someone he feels totaly superior too, or children.Rather than gay, he probably enjoys the company of children.. He opened lusted after a female reporter wearing a bikini while doing a live report. He was fucking Alison Kosik when she was married and pumped that nutty girl sans condom at her place of employ. Parents sometimes have trouble getting a correct diagnosis when a child has severe autism or mental retardation because of shared characteristics that deal with developmental delays, communication problems, learning difficulties and self-care.Autism is a pervasive developmental disorder (PDD) that affects brain development primarily in communication, language development and social skills.Threads questioning this guy and his sexuality don't seem to go far around here.That either means nobody is interested in him at all, or the gay mafia (or straight mafia for that matter) has issued a gag order on discussing him.It is one of five PDDs , which includes Asperger's syndrome, fragile X syndrome, Rett syndrome and childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder-not-otherwise-specified (PDD-NOS).Mental retardation, also known as intellectual disability, is a type of developmental disability that produces significant limitations in intellectual functioning ability and adaptive behaviors.

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Here is a basic checklist to help you identify Asperger symptoms: An Aspergers checklist can help you recognize common symptoms of AS.

Sara had been a loner all though elementary school, and now in high school, the pattern was continuing.

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