Advantages and disadvantages of consolidating school districts within a state dating site punchline

20-Sep-2018 21:58

Yet as schools struggle through the seventh year of flat or reduced increases in state aid — the recently passed state budget is a welcome change, school and elected officials have said — some have questioned how much really remains to be saved.

Andrew Cuomo to small-government advocates have called for incentives to cut redundancy.

The state’s 722 public school districts comprise 4,500 individual schools that serve more than 2.5 million students.

Those districts range in size from tiny Sagaponack Common School District in Suffolk County, with 12 enrolled, to New York City Geographic District No.

2 in Midtown Manhattan, which contains 61,000 students.

In terms of micro-districts, Sagaponack has plenty of company.While the report noted potential financial benefits, it concluded “the primary benefit of school district reorganization is increased learning opportunities for students.”“There have been opportunities for districts to consolidate, and some have and have done pretty well, while others have done it and don’t like it,” Mary Ellen Elia, commissioner of the state department of education, said in a recent meeting with the editorial board of Central New York Media Group.