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11-Sep-2018 00:24

I'm sure that change so late in the game must have caused numerous system alterations that are only just now being looked into again.

Fingers crossed we eventually see all the splendors they had in store for us, but with a fresh coat of paint and extra time in the oven, until that day though, I guess these updates will have to do.

"" - Luke Anthony Batt, Just Now The future for Xbox ONE is bright, sure there were a few stumbling blocks with it's introduction, but a new marketing team was found and jumped right back on the horse, now it's going full speed ahead.

To look at the future of this system one must only look at what has come so far.

If you go back to Part 1 of my "ONE Month In" piece you will see that many of the things I (and many others) have found wrong with the Party Chat are being addressed here. It isn't quite what I've suggested in my above post, but at least now it's a few steps less to get the information we are trying to access. Overall I'm genuinely surprised many of the features in the Feb and March updates weren't a part of the initial roll-out of the system.

I'd like to know more about the unannounced updates, or rather, I'd prefer if they just didn't mention the fact that there are unannounced ones at all until they knew what they were and could just have a new post saying 'Hey! ', would have a much more positive spin on it as apposed to a feeling of anxiety toward it. Has me wondering if they were just some of the things that had to be put on the back-burner after their infamous 180° for their Digital plans.

Honestly, if I was in Mr Nadella's shoes I'd be seriously looking into making the world more interconnected by investing in more advanced inter-continental internet pipes; ensure that no matter where you are in the world you have the best internet connection and highest quality access to the Microsoft servers as possible...

or at the very least team up with some other interested parties.

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Because a teenager turns into a Business Major then into a Business Owner/Operator in no time at all and it's always best to hook 'em when they're young. Smarter than most adults, especially at the age they are being introduced to technology these days. If you can't access your music, movies and tv shows, talk with your friends online in another country or find out what their high scores are on their favourite game, on each device they own...Sure Microsoft is a Software company, but they have several products in the works now that are aimed at keeping not just the software but all the hardware in-house.Nokia, Surface, Xbox, these are 3 major components of any digital environment, in the home and at work.I'm looking forward to seeing how much it improves the quality of the games, especially Peggle 2 and Halo: Spartan Assault, those titles require quite a bit of precision and this addition to the update will hopefully only make those experiences better.

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So that's the first update, let's take a look at the second.

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