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Stewart, the teacher, had spent the afternoon at the Topkapi Palace, so next morning Carmel and I set off.

It is a huge complex that was the home of the sultans who ruled the Ottoman Empire for 400 years.

Grouper"We don't even like to use the d-word," says CEO Michael Waxman.

"[Grouper is aimed at] people who want to expand their social circles, but wouldn't sign up for an online dating site." Instead of lengthy questionnaires, matching is based mostly on members' Facebook profiles, which Waxman says "are extremely telling and accurate." As a twist, rather than facilitating one-on-one dates, Grouper tasks each member of a potential couple with bringing along two friends of the same gender.

And after bartering to buy a leather jacket, I found a tiny cubby hole off an alleyway for lunch.

The kitchen was open to the street, and a woman slapped dough into thin bread which she wrapped around leaves of spinach.

I was in one of Istanbul's oldest Turkish baths, built in the 16th Century for Suleiman the Magnificent.

The bazaar is not as intimidating as the one in Marrakech.

There are 60 streets and 6,000 shopkeepers, selling everything including, of course, carpets.

For an inveterate shopper it was impossible to resist some of these Aladdin's caves.

We set out together for the Blue Mosque, which, from the outside, looked pretty grey at the end of February. The central dome rests on cascading smaller domes, and the walls are lined with patterned blue green and white tiles.

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The light is filtered through stained-glass windows so it changes from blue to shades of pink during the day.On the way back to the hotel I stopped in the Arasta Bazaar, where my nose for quality led me into a shop.

Sources tell Us Weekly, however, that the two are hanging out just as pals.… continue reading »

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