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29-May-2018 11:22

It said that some 78,301 of the accounts were registered to email addresses, which are used by the U. military, and another 5,650 were addresses used by U.

The place where a large majority of the world’s population dwells on; the entity we feed on for entertainment and to communicate; what our lives primarily revolve around today – the internet. You may have your anti-virus and your firewall or a protected wireless connection, but don’t be too confident of security.

Let alone cyber criminals; we internet users have the capability of putting us into trouble ourselves.

Generation Z and probably a meagre population of Generation Y fall prey to this particular online vice/fad called ‘Sexting’.

My question now being, is it really worth all the trouble?

Can’t our ‘whore’mones wait it out to take what we want to do behind doors, that they make us do things that have the liability to make us repent in the future?

The video serves as a warning to all internet users, to be wary of the consequences of being intimate over the internet and reiterates not to shed your clothes on camera. Use not only contraceptives but also your brain cells! Would preaching ‘Stay paranoid and trust no one’, be taking it a tad too far?

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Login credentials for over 412 million users of adult websites run by California-based Friend Finder Networks Inc.

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