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22-Aug-2018 03:00

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Most people probably wouldn't include non-consensual experiences because a conversation about sexual partners is probably about pleasurable sex. Does anyone actually think that quantity and quality are always related?

Researchers want to know about sexual behavior so they can figure out how to minimize things like unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases which can be the outcomes of unprotected sexual activity.

You know that whatever you say, people are going to react based on all these and so many other factors. For starters, who and what do you include in your number? What about someone you met online and masturbated with but never talked to or saw in real life?

And if the person asking the question is a sexual partner (or a potential sexual partner) even more goes into your answer. And if you're going to lie, do you make the number bigger or smaller? But when it comes to sex it's never In part because few of us are taught how to think critically about sexuality and our own thoughts or desires, most of us rely on numbers. Does it only count if you were naked or if your genitals touched?

These are not pleasurable sexual experiences, but they absolutely have an impact on our lives.

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And they can certainly influence the way we have sex. Which brings us to the bigger question; what is this number supposed to tell us? Do you really think someone who has had bad sex with 50 people is going to be better in bed than someone who has had mind-blowingly-awesome sex with two people?Many people assume that if you've had sex with a lot of people you're going to be better at it AND more likely to compare one partner to another.