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Remember the days when you would spend hours talking to your roommate late at night or simply grab your roommate at a moment’s notice to run out for a quick bite to eat? Today, roommates for older adults are not so uncommon.Across the nation, Baby Boomers are remembering the days of their youth and choosing to live them yet again, with a roommate by their side.Recently, several individuals have registered with Stitch in search of compatible roommates. Sign up with us at Stitch, and we will help link you to other adults over 50 years old in your neighborhood who have the same interests as you. To register for free (no more than 20 seconds, we promise), click here.Here at Stitch, we have successfully linked these roommates and continue to link partners and companions each day. No one should have to go through life alone, and we have made it our mission to make sure of it!It’s helping each other and it’s caring for each other.” Whether divorced, widowed, or single, roommates like Schuna can find greater comfort in knowing they have someone who will always be there during their times of need, whatever those may be.Roommates are a simple solution for combatting loneliness.Living with a friend not only releases the burden of home maintenance but also puts the mind at ease.After all, life is truly worth living when you’ve got someone to live it with!

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Regardless, Boommates provide the everyday company many adults seek.

Two women living in San Francisco, Gloria Flores and Linda Clark, have formed a strong relationship since they moved into an apartment together.

We cooperate with each other.” Together, these women cook and eat meals, work on the bills, do the laundry, and even watch their favorite television shows.

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Clearly, these roommates have it figured out: shared responsibility means less stress for all.

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